Krupp Bucket Wheel Conveyor
Krupp Bucket Wheel Reclaimer showing both gearboxes we have rebuilt. Glasgow Engineering are the leading gearbox repair specialists in Tasmania, Working in close conjunction with Webster Bearings and Greaves Engineering and Design we successfully rebuilt the entire gearbox.
Img E1929
Krupp gearbox turns up for repairs
Img 9537
We pull it down to ascess the damage
Img 9534
Internals of the gearbox
Img 9538
Gear teeth are badly worn and pitted
Img 9557
Badly distorted locating and drive dowels
Img 0780
The decision is made to reverse the main gear and manufacture a new pinion of the opposite hand
Img 1769
The pinion is back from having the teeth cut and nitriding
Img 1571
We fitted all the new bearings and shrunk the shaft in with liquid nitrogen
Img 1576
Frozen shaft in position
Img 1596
New dowel holes are bored and dowels fitted using liquid nitrogen on our Sinada Horizontal Borer
Img 1809
The gear case has returned from blasting and painting
Img 1813
Time for assembly
Img 1815
Checking backlash and endfloat
Img 1819
Checking surface contact
Img 1836
Checking end float
Img 1837
Almost ready for the lid to go on
Img 1919
Job completed
Img 1920
Job completed
Img 1941
Ready to go back into service
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