November 2012 Glasgow Engineering were finding things a bit quiet due to the collapse of the forestry industry and the down turn in manufacturing in Tasmania. At the time we had an old rusty incomplete model steam engine that had been kicking around in the upstairs pattern makers loft for well over 100 years. Nearly thrown out on three occasions, the decision was made to restore and complete it while the labour was available. The model is a tandem inline horizontal compound condensing steam engine. All the castings were cast on site by us around the late 1890s and built to a scale of 1:12 or 1 inch = 1 foot. Working from the dimensions we calculated that the horse power would have been around 1000 i.h.p if it had been built to full size.

Without any plans or drawings, just a hand full of old dusty castings, and the ability and ingenuity of the staff involved with the project, something beautiful and educational emerged.  

Se 1
Low pressure cyclinder prior to clean up
Se 6
The castings that we started with were the high and low pressure cylinders, two pistons without rings, one piston rod, two valve chests without valves, and the main frame
Img 1999
The first job undertaken was the manufacturing of the crankshaft and casting of the bearings and pedestals
Se 7
Next was the manufacturing of the connecting rod to the tradidional design of the time
Se 11
Bearing housings and pedestals were machined and the crankshaft bearings were hand fitted to the crank. We even built our own oilers using some old boiler sight glass found upstairs.
Se 20
Piston rings were manufactured in the traditional manner
Se 10
Then we started the assembly
Se 13
Valve link arms we made along with the cam and linkages
Se 41
Manufacturing the valves
Se 45
Tony machining governor parts on the Colechester
Centrifugal Governor And Balanced Steam Valve New Catechism Of The Steam Engine 1904
The type of governor we chose, initially friction became an issue because physics cannot be scaled down, this was rectified by the use of micro ball bearings
Se 28
Manufacturing the fully working governor
Img 2635
Governor mounted on engine
Se 46
Huon pine cylinder lagging
Huon pine cylinder lagging completed
Se 43
Working steam valve built
Img 3719
Tony drilling and broaching the square baring pockets in the flywheel on the Mechanicy milling machine
Img 3713
Round hole to square hole
Img 3400
Service steps under construction
Img 3342
Because of the long stroke we had to add a set of counter weights to the crankshaft after the first test run
Img 3973
Hand rails and stanchions were manufactured and the timber floor boards were laid
Img 1434
The completed engine, the figures were sourced to give a sense of scale and measure 5 1/4 inches ( the equivient of 5 ft 3 inches at scale) so they were perfect
Img 1432
Figure in baring position to turn over the engine
Img 1435
The completed project with over 900 man hours spent and proof that you can machine small components in large lathes
Img 4004
The engine running
Img 3984
The completed project you can see it running in the link below
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